Complete Guide To Bicycle Maintenance


There’s something solid and reassuring about the phrase “bicycle maintenance”. It maybe because, unlike most things in our increasingly digital world, bicycles remain stubbornly analog. You don’t need an engineering degree; with a little time, effort and learning, almost anyone can learn to do basic care on their bicycle regularly and well.

And then, there are a few things that are better left to a pro, with the right tools, know-how, and time to do the job well.

We’ve compiled this handy guide to help you keep track of timely maintenance tasks, get the most out of bringing your bike to a shop for repairs, and show you some simple yet vital repairs you can do at home to keep your bike running smoothly throughout the year.

Timing of recommended bicycle maintenance services:
Articles in this section will help you determine the timeframe for different types of regular bike maintenance services. Keep in mind that these are suggested intervals based on the average rider. If you’re a daily commuter, or use your bike heavily for other reasons, you’ll need to adjust the frequency or repairs to match your needs.

Hire a Pro
There are situations when it’s best to put yourself and your bike in the hands of a competent mechanic. Below are descriptions of certain services commonly requested (but often misunderstood), and suggestions for finding an great mechanic you can trust.

Here is an outline of basic bike maintenance you can do on your own to address common issues that can come up regularly, and to help you determine when it might be time to bring your bike into the shop for repairs.