We're currently working out the nitty gritty of all the rides for the upcoming year. Below is the preview of the ride schedule by category and date. We will continue to update this page as we finalize the routes, descriptions and details for each ride.

All of our rides will be non-competitive, and suitable for beginners, and anyone wanting to have a good time, and socialize while exploring the city and nearby areas by bike. Any rides requiring special equipment or transportation to the ride site will be so noted. We look forward to a new year of bike adventures!

Shop Rides


We'll explore local trails -- some paved, some un-paved. We'll start with an easier pace in early spring, and build up to somewhat more demanding rides (in either mileage or terrain) through the season. Some rides will require transportation to the trail. Demo and rental bikes will be available by request.

Sat. April 9
Sat. May 14
Sun. June 24
Sun. July 9
Sun. August 20
Sat. September 30
Sat. October 28
Fri. November 24
Sun. December 3

Micro Adventures


We are super excited about the idea of out-your-back-door adventures, and look forward to these self-supported overnight camping trips. We'll help you with gear planning, and possibly even gear-sharing.

Fri. May 19 ORIENTATION & Potluck at Cosmic Bikes. BYOB.
Ride 1: Sat-Sun June 10-11
Ride 2: Sat-Sun July 22-23
Ride 3: Sat-Sun Aug 12-13
Ride 4: Women's Overnight
Sat-Sun Sept 9-10
Ride 5: Sat-Sun Oct 7-8

Brompton Rides & Events


These rides with give Brompton folding bike owners a chance to ride and interact with other Brompton enthusiasts. If you are not currently a Brompton owner, we welcome you to join in and try one of the demo bikes.

Sun. April 23 Get your Brompton in ship-shape workshop and potluck.
Fri. May 12 Brompton ride & brewery outing
Thu. June 8 Brompton Clinic
Sun. June 18 Brompton Brunch Outing
Sat. July 8 Brompton train trip to Indiana
Fri. Aug 1 Brompton pub crawl
Sat. Sept 16 Brompton Day trip
Thu. Oct 19 Brompton Tech Clinic
Fri. Nov 10 Brompton Happy Hour


Single Bike Pick-Up

Multiple Bike Pick-Up

Bulk Bike Pick-Up

Bike-friendly building or workplace? We'll work with you to schedule a pick-up of a larger number of bikes, and customize payment arrangements.

Please give us a call at 773-930-4076, or send us and email with your contact information, and we will reach out to you to work out the details.



Multi bikes must be in same household

Women's Rides & Demos

Why women's? Naturally, we invite and encourage women to take part in all of our events. However, our long experience in the bike industry has taught us that because biking -- and bike shops -- tend to be male-dominated, women cyclist (both experienced and novice) occasionally wish to explore on their own terms. Everyone is welcome to join, but please respect that these are occasions set aside for women and whatever interests and concerns they bring along with them.

Fri. March 3 Season kick-off & Happy Hour: Short ride through the Forest Preserve to a local watering hole for cocktails and discussion of upcoming events.
Sat. March 25 Gear demo & warm-up ride
Sat. April 22 Women's Day Trip
Sun. May 21 Women's Ride & Picnic
Sat. June 17 Women's Day Trip
Sun. July 16 Women's Ride & Picnic
Sat. Aug 19 Women's Day Trip
Sat-Sun. Sep 9-10 Women's Overnight Micro-Adventure
Sat. Oct 21 Women's Ride & Picnic
Fri. Oct 27 Women's Cocktail Party & Winter Trunk Show

52 in 52


Last, but not least, 52-in-52 is our own personal riding goal for 2017. After the upheaval of closing our old business and starting a new one, Chris and Justyna have recommitted to squeezing every last possible drop of fun and adventure out of life. We are both turning 52 this year, and we've decided not to wait around for the opportunity to leave ordinary life behind and travel the world in search of thrill and excitement. Instead, we're going to make our own. In our 52nd year, we're going to go on 52 weekly bike adventures. Originally, we were planning for each ride to be 52 miles, but winter can be tricky, so instead of leaving the door open to trip ourselves up, we decided that shorter rides in less-than-ideal weather will be fine, as long as they're fun and adventurous. Some of the rides will overlap with other rides already listed on this page, but we'll have to fit the rest of our 52 rides where we can. They may be early morning, they may be on weekdays. We'll post them as we plan them, and we'll give you a way to notify us if you'd like to join.

We're looking forward to making 2017 the Year Of Living Adventurously!!