INTENSIVE WORKSHOPS: Tune-up Class & Wheel Building Class

Wheel Building Class

The 2-part WHEEL BUILDING CLASS is excellent for those who want to hone their skills in the fine art of wheel lacing, and end up with a road-worthy, durable hand-built wheel.

This course will teach you to build a bicycle wheel from its component parts: hub, spokes, nipples and rim. We will lace, tension, pre-stress, true and dish a wheel. We will go over components and techniques to help you build a wheel most appropriate to your style of riding.

This workshop will be held on two consecutive Sundays, February 10 and 17 from 10am to 1pm. To participate in this session, you must register by Sunday, January 27, 2019.

For this class, you can either

  • Build a wheel of your own by purchasing the rim, hub, spokes, and nipples at a 20% discount through Cosmic Bikes (we will help with component selection), or

  • Build a stock wheel from our components, which you can either purchase at 20% off, or leave for us to resell.

After completing your online registration for the class, call or visit us to discuss the two wheel options, and order components if necessary.

FAQ’s for the wheel building class

Q. Will I be building one or two wheels?
A. We will focus on getting one wheel done during class. However, since everyone learns and works at a different pace. In addition to the 6 hours of instruction, you can book extra time during shop hours if you need more time to complete your project, or if you’d like to build a matching wheel.

Q. Is it just for adults or can a teen sign up?
A. the class is open to individuals 16 years and older.

Q. I can’t make this session. Will you offer this class again?
A. There’s a good chance we’ll offer Wheel Building again before spring.

Q. Is my fee refundable?
A. Your class fee is 100% refundable until 7 days before the beginning of the first session. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for cancellations after that time, nor can we issue refunds for any components purchased for your customized wheel build, so please consider your commitment carefully before signing up.

Bicycle Tune-Up Class

This 3-part class is great for those who wish to delve further into bicycle maintenance than our free workshops allow. Taking advantage of the slower fall season, we’re able to offer this in depth workshop, giving you instructions, hands-on practice, and even time to address some specific problems in three unhurried three-hour workshops.


This comprehensive 3-part workshop will be held on three consecutive Sundays, February 24 and March 3 and 10 from 10am to 1pm. The classes will cover the following topics:

Feb 24: Session 1 — Intro, Wheels & Bearings

After familiarizing you with all the component of the bike, their functioning and terminology, we’ll do a brief safety check, and then jump right into what some consider the most complex part of the bike: the wheels. This is how we perform our tune-ups, and there are reasons wheels have to come before everything else. We’ll cover wheel retention and removal, parts of the wheel, hub bearing adjustments and wheel truing. We will also go over adjusting the bearings in the headset and bottom bracket. Although we’ll talk about flat prevention, this class will not cover fixing a flat in detail, because we do a special free class devoted just to that. However, participants will have an opportunity for a hands-on flat fixing demonstration after the formal part of the class (see below).

Mar 3: Session 2 — Brakes

In the second session we’ll cover brake adjustment and repair, replacement of brake pads and cables, as well as address some common braking issues.

Mar 10: Session 3 — Drivetrain and Shifting

In the final session we’ll cover cleaning and maintaining the drivetrain, diagnosing chain wear, and correct adjustment of derailleurs.

General schedule

Each session is 3 hours long. The first two hours will be informal lecture and hands-on demonstrations. The last hour will be reserved for less structured Q&A, and addressing in more detail issues of particular interest to participants.

Other things of note

This workshop is best suited to multi-geared modern bikes, such as hybrids, mountain or touring bikes. Please bring your own bike to class. We can store your bike between sessions if you prefer.

Class fee includes a copy of Chainbreaker Bike Book (or a comparable repair book, based on availability) and 20% discount for any bike repair tools and materials purchased during the course of the series.

FAQ’s for the tune-up class

Q. Can I take just one of the Tune-Up sessions?
A. Sorry, no. The classes are designed and priced to be taken together.

Q. Is it just for adults or can a teen sign up?
A. Teenagers 16 and up can take the class alone. Teens younger than 16 can take the class with a parent for a single $150 fee.

Q. I can’t make this session. Will you offer this class again?
A. The intensive Tune-Up Class will be offered again in the Fall of 2019.

Q. What if I don’t finish everything on my bike during class?
A. Class participants’ bikes will vary quite a bit in their condition and state of repair. In addition to the 9 hours of class time, you can book additional time at the shop during our business hours to complete your project.

Q. Is my fee refundable?
A. Your fee is 100% refundable until 7 days before the beginning of the first session. Unfortunately we cannot issue refunds for cancellations after that time, so please consider your schedule carefully before signing up.