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(where you can shop while the world sleeps)

We love to interact face-to-face, but we understand that sometimes the itch to shop for your next bike adventure is strongest after you’ve had dinner, and maybe a beer, and you just don’t feel like heading out the door. Plus, the store is probably closed anyway, and we’re also putting our feet up.

Many of the things you see here are in stock, or a day or two away in the local warehouse. Either way, chances are we can get it for you just about as fast as the big guys. And we’ll hold your purchase for you in the store, so you don’t have to worry about your package getting pilfered while you’re at work. If you’re shopping from further away, we’re able to ship most of the items (except the bulkiest of bikes, or current bike models).



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Small Favorites

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Urban Essentials

Back to School Specials

Whether you’re the chauffer carting your little ones to preschool or kindergarten, or sending your newly minted adult off to college, we have some great back-to-school specials for you. Here are the highlights:

  • $100 OFF nicely brand new 2020 Kona Dew hybrid, nicely accessorized for campus use

  • Big discounts on Yuba cargo bikes and accessories

  • Special package deals on accessories for college and high-school bound students

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