Service Department

The mechanics are our most important asset, and the repair department is the heart and soul of our business. Our repair areas are visible to customers, and we invite you to have a look.

Cosmic Bikes is home to some of the most senior, continually working bicycle technicians in the city. While anyone can grasp the basics of bicycle repair, true expertise in this field, as in any highly specialized trade, comes only through years of work and hands-on experience. Our mechanics have honed their skills at some of the most respected and demanding repair shops in Chicago, making our Service Department second to none.


Our mechanics are passionate about their work, highly skilled, personable, and, because they are themselves cyclists, they can clearly explain how the recommended repairs will improve your ride. You can count on their expertise, and solid, street-tested advice, and have the confidence that when you bring your bike in for repair, you're leaving it in good hands.

Service Estimates

We cannot offer estimates online or over the phone, however when you come in with your bike, you will receive a complete estimate for your approval, including labor, parts and time-frame for completion, before we proceed with any repairs.

A thorough estimate is the foundation of solid service, and can forestall surprises and unexpected costs down the road. Before we proceed with an estimate, we try to find out a little bit about you, your projected use of the bike, and your relationship to it. Please understand that we always recommend the most complete solution that will ensure the safety and longevity of the bike, and give you the best riding experience. If possible, we can scale the repairs to match your budget, as long as safe functioning is not compromised.

Our labor estimates are $25, which will be deducted from the cost of the repair if you decide to proceed, or —if not— applied to the purchase of a new bike at Cosmic Bikes within six months.

Safety inspections of bicycles and helmets used solely by children under the age of 18 are always free.

Major Services

BASIC TUNE-UP ($80 plus $5 supply & recycling fee):
Ideal for bikes that are in fairly good shape, and do not require any replacement parts. Perfect for getting your bike ready for the season of recreation.

  • Adjustment and testing of braking systems.

  • Adjustment and testing of shifting systems.

  • Headset adjustment.

  • Safety inspection and correct attachment of wheels, components and accessories.

  • Application of lubricant to chain, grease to seatpost, and LocTite for small nuts and bolts.

  • Free standard installation of additional accessories purchased from us. Including grips, tires, tubes, rim strip, seat,mirror, noise making device, lock bracket, computer, lights without additional labor charge. (For racks and fenders, see below)

  • Test Ride.

  • 30-day labor guarantee.

MAJOR TUNE-UP ($120 plus $5 supply & recycling fee):
Our most popular service. Recommended for bikes that need more than the above, including wheel work, but don't require extensive parts replacements. Includes all the steps of the Basic Tune-Up, plus:

  • Significant Wheel work, including adjustment of hubs, tensioning or de-tensioning of spokes, dishing and truing the wheels.

  • Extensive replacements and installations; specifically brake pads, brakes, cables, housing, racks and fenders without additional labor charge.

  • If applicable the bottom bracket is adjusted.

  • If applicable, the quill stem and brake bosses are greased.

  • 60-day labor guarantee.

DELUXE TUNE-UP ($160 plus $5 supply & recycling fee):
This is for heavily-used bicycles that show a lot of drivetrain wear. Recommended for daily bicycle users. Includes all of the above, plus:

  • Full degreasing and re-lubricationof the drivetrain

  • If needed, replacement of any external moving part or component (excl. frame or fork), including chains, cassettes, frozen brakes, cranks, chainrings, etc. without additional labor charge.
    (NOTE: There is a lot of variation here, depending on the needs of each individual bike & rider, and the only way to really nail it down is bring you bike in and discuss the repair with the mechanic.)

  • Removal of build-up from the rims to increase rim and brake pad life, and braking power.

  • Full detail cleaning and polishing of all external parts and frame.

  • 90-day labor guarantee.

COMPLETE OVERHAUL ($225 plus $5 supply & recycling fee):
This is our most comprehensive service package. It includes all of the above, plus:

  • Replacement of contaminated grease in bottom bracket, headset and hubs.

  • Overhaul and bearing replacement in components including hubs, headsets, bottom brackets.

  • Replacement of components including headsets, bottom brackets, etc. without additional labor charge.

  • If applicable, bottom bracket threads are greased or treated with LocTite, as recommended by bottom bracket manufacturer.

  • If applicable, cleaning and repair of threads where possible.

  • 120-day labor guarantee.

Other Services

Flat Prevention Package
Few things are more inconvenient than flats, especially when your bike is your transportation. We offer a service that will gives you maximum protection against flats, and minimum inconvenience should you happen to get one. Our One-Year Flat Prevention Package includes:

  • A choice of puncture-resistant tires

  • New tubes

  • Professional installation

  • If needed, replacement of worn rim liners, and correction of any problems with the inside of the rim to minimize the chance of flats.

  • ONE-YEAR Flat Protection Guarantee: we will replace your tube FREE OF CHARGE if you get a flat during that period.

  • Must be purchased for both tires (or all three if you own a trike!)

Pricing varies based on tire choice. Stop in for a complete quote.

Itemized Services
Below is the summary of typical services we offer, but much more is available, from simple adjustments to complete customizations.

  • Brake Adjustment from $22

  • Derailleur Adjustment from $22

  • Bike / Drivetrain Cleaning from $35

  • Flat Fix (includes tube) from $23

  • Bike Packing (includes materials) from $85

  • Bike Assembly for bikes purchased elsewhere $125 ($50-75 surcharge for e-bikes, cargo bikes, tandems, trikes and recumbents)

  • Wheel True from $25

  • Wheel Build $60 single / $100 pair

Seasonal Services

WINTER TUNE-UP ($190 plus $5 supply & recycling fee)*:
Available from October through March. This service was specially designed for customers who depend on their bicycles for transportation throughout the winter. For one up-front fee, we will tune your bike and keep it serviced throughout the winter season. Includes all the services that are part of our regular Deluxe Tune-Up, plus:

  • $5 Bike Wash whenever needed

  • Free adjustments and lubrication as often as needed

  • Free labor on fixing flats

  • Free installation of parts and accessories purchased at Cosmic Bikes (we cannot install parts or accessories purchased at other shops or online as part of this service, however, we will gladly install them for you at our regular labor rates)

  • 10% discount on parts and accessories purchased at Cosmic Bikes

The ongoing maintenance and discounts included in this service cover the entire cold riding season from October through March of the following year.

Available starting in October. If you're not inclined to ride this winter, you can store your bike at our location FOR FREE with the purchase of the Deluxe Tune-Up listed on the left. You’ll receive 10% off any repair parts needed or accessories you choose to make your spring biking more enjoyable. Then we will store your bike all winter, safe from the elements, dirt and theft, freeing up your storage space for your skis, snowblower, or all the extra pairs of boots!

Storage without a tune-up, or for bikes purchased from us and still covered by a labor package, is also available for $50/bike.

*All seasonal tune-up labor and parts charges must be prepaid when you drop-off your bike for service and/or storage.


The Fine Print

  • Please keep in mind that the prices listed are for Labor only. Many bicycles will require replacement parts for safe and proper functioning.

  • All bicycles, including children's bikes, are vehicles, and require certain components to operate properly to ensure safety. We cannot be responsible for the safety of the components that you do not allow us to service or replace, and may therefore decline to perform any repair that will not result in a safely operating bicycle.

  • We charge $5 supply and recycling fee on all our major tune-ups, complete assemblies and custom builds, and some a la carte services. This is to help offset the cost of cardboard recycling, and shop supplies and materials, including cleaners, lubricants, small hardware and shop towels.

  • Labor Guarantee*
    All of our labor is guaranteed for 30 days. Specific services carry longer guarantees, as described above. We stand behind our services, and promise to make any needed corrections or adjustments free of charge during the period covered by the guarantee.

    • In rare cases, additional parts may be needed to correct the problem. With the exceptions of inner tubes on warranty flat repairs, additional parts are not included in the guarantee.

    • In order to keep track of your repair history, we keep detailed records of your services under your account. Our Labor Guarantees are non-transferrable, and apply only to the original purchaser.