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Cosmic Bikes Complete Overhaul
Our most comprehensive service includes everything in Deluxe Tune-Up, plus: -Replacement of contaminated grease in bottom bracket, headset and hubs. -Overhaul and bearing replacement in components including hubs, headsets, bottom brackets, OR -Replacement of components including headsets, bottom brackets, etc. without additional labor charge. -If applicable, bottom bracket threads are greased or treated with LocTite, as recommended by bottom bracket manufacturer. -Installation of any additional accessories, components or upgrades purchased through Cosmic Bikes (additional installation charges may apply for items purchased elsewhere) -If applicable, cleaning and repair of threads where possible. -120-day labor guarantee.
Cosmic Bikes Deluxe Bicycle Tune Up
Our most popular service. Recommended for heavily-used bicycles that show a lot of drivetrain wear, or bikes that have been neglected for a long time. Our Deluxe Tune-Up includes everything in the Full Tne-Up, pplus: -Full degreasing and re-lubrication of the drivetrain, OR -Replacement of any external moving part or component (excl. frame or fork), including chains, cassettes, frozen brakes, cranks, chainrings. -Removal of build-up from the rims/rotors to increase rim and brake pad life, and braking power. -Rotor truing -Full detail cleaning and polishing of all external parts and frame. Touch points sanitized. -Test Ride. -90-day labor guarantee.
Cosmic Bikes Frozen Chosen Winter Tune Up
Our Premier Service Package for Winter Riders Available October-March. This service was conceived for customers who depend on their bicycles for transportation throughout the winter, and know that it takes a huge toll on the bike and all of its parts. The Frozen Chosen Plan covers your bike now through March 31 of the following year. For one up-front fee of $195 (incl. $5 supply & recycling fee), we will tune your bike and keep it serviced throughout the winter season. The package includes: -Our top-level Deluxe Tune-Up -$5 Bike Wash whenever needed (a godsend after a slushy, salty ride, normally $35 a la carte) -Free adjustments and lubrication as often as needed (you will need them) -Free labor on fixing flats (no more frozen fingers!) -Free installation of parts and accessories purchased at Cosmic Bikes (we cannot install parts or accessories purchased at other shops or online as part of this service, however, we will gladly install them for you at our regular labor rates) -10% discount on parts and accessories purchased at Cosmic Bikes -FREE PICKUP available for initial service with online purchase of this package. The ongoing maintenance and discounts included in this service cover the entire cold riding season from October through March 31 of the following year.
Cosmic Bikes Full Bicycle Tune Up
Perfect for getting your bike ready for the season of recreation. Recommended for bikes that are in fairly good shape, and do not require extensive parts replacements. Our Full Tune-Up includes: -Braking system set-up and adjustments -Shifting system set-up and adjustments -Headset adjustment. -Spoke tension adjustment, dishing and truing the wheels (or wheel replacement) -Hub adjustments -Bottom bracket adjustments -Replacements and installation of brake pads, brakes, cables & housing -Safety inspection and correct attachment of wheels, components and accessories. -Application of lubricant to chain, grease to seatpost, and -LocTite for small nuts and bolts. -Light wipedown of frame. Touch points sanitized. -Test ride. -60-Day Guarantee
Cosmic Bikes Gift Card
$10.00 - $1,000.00
Our Gift Cards can be purchased online and redeemed in person for both merchandise and service. When you purchase a gift card, we will send you an email with a certificate you can forward to the recipient to notify them of the gift. Available in denominations from $10-$1000 We do not currently offer gift cards that can be redeemed in our online store.
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