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2021 Bikes Available for Pre-Order

Order a Bike with FREE Delivery

The bikes listed below are arriving on confirmed orders from our vendors in the next 2-8 weeks.

Severe bike shortage is expected to persist throughout the riding season. You can choose from our small but carefully selected assortment of bikes suitable for recreation and transportation which are arriving shortly, and be assured of having a bike to ride.

Your purchase is risk-free and fully refundable until 7 days after you receive the bike. All bikes come professionally assembled and are covered by our one-year maintenance package. Order online for curbside pick-up or FREE delivery to your door anywhere within Chicagoland. 


Pre-Order 2021 Fyxation Eastside X Single Speed
PRE-ORDER. THIS BIKE IS EXPECTED TO ARRIVE END OF MARCH 49cm size fits riders 5'4"-5'6" 52cm size fits riders 6'6"-5'9" 55cm size fits riders 5'9"-6" 58cm size fits riders 6'-6'3" The Eastside is built using 4130 chromoly steel for both the frame and the fork which means this beauty is light and strong. Sealed bearing hubs are used in the wheels which gives the Eastside a smooth ride and is something you typically find in higher end track and road bikes. The Eastside uses the go anywhere Session 700 tires which were originally introduced by Fyxation in 2009 and are known around the world for their durability and longevity. Finally, all Fyxation bikes ship with front and rear brakes! While this may seem unnecessary to point out, most fixies and singlespeeds on the market ship with only one brake which is both unsafe and forces you to spend extra money adding parts after your initial purchase. **This bike ships from the manufacturer without pedals. Our price includes Fyxation Gates Slim Platform Pedals.
Pre-Order 2021 Fyxation Pixel 7
PRE-ORDER. THIS BIKE IS EXPECTED TO ARRIVE FIRST WEEK OF APRIL 50cm size fits riders 5'2"-5'6" Fun, fast and affordable, the Pixel 7 speed has a lot in the tank without breaking the bank. The Pixel has an upright design that makes it ideal for sliding through traffic, commuting to work or simply cruising around campus. The Black and Tan Pixel 7 features a mix of brown and black parts and the brownwall tires really make this bike pop! Featuring Fyxation's durable steel frame, sealed bearing hubs and bottom bracket, forged 6061 alloy cranks, 7 speed shifter so you can tackle any local hill and light but quick 30mm deep aero rims, the Pixel is built to last. At only $500, this bike is an amazing value and is a great option for someone looking to hit the road without breaking the bank, or someone looking to add another bike to their quiver. What are you waiting for? 7 Speeds = More Options We're huge fans of single speeds but the Pixel 7 was designed for the rider that wants a few additional gears to get around town. Geared for the city and beyond, the Pixel 7 has a great gear range and the 7 speed rear cassette lets you easily navigate tough local streets.
Pre-Order 2021 Kona Dew Plus
PRE-ORDER. BIKES EXPECTED TO ARRIVE FIRST HALF OF APRIL When riding your bike, you want a few simple things. Comfort, function, and control are at the top of the list, so we built the Dew Plus with all three in mind. The Dew Plus features a 10-speed Shimano Deore drivetrain for smooth shifting and a broad gear range. Hydraulic disc brakes keep the bike in control in tricky conditions. With a kickstand and with geometry that keeps the rider comfortable on rides long or short, it's a great choice for commutes or runs to the grocery store! Kona 6061 Aluminum Kona 7005 and 6061 Aluminum alloys are used extensively throughout our fleet of mountain and asphalt bicycles. Tough, durable, and light alloys, both Kona 7005 and 6061 deliver fantastic, reliable performance that lasts for thousands of rides. Much of our 7005/6061 tubing is butted and/or formed, meaning the tubing's wall thickness can be increased or decreased as well as shaped, so we can fine-tune a particular frame's strength and ride characteristics depending on its intended application. Internal Headset Bearing cups are actually pressed into the frame and are easily removable. An internal headset also reduces stack height, so the height of the stem and bars are more adjustable, giving the rider the best fit possible. 650B Wheels 650B wheels and tires have a similar overall diameter to a traditional 700c gravel or commuting tire but with a smaller diameter rim and a wider, taller tire. The extra air volume in this new generation of urban and mixed-surface tires means they can be run comfortably at lower pressures while still rolling quickly on a variety of surfaces. It's the best of both worlds.
Pre-Order 2021 Kona Fire Mountain
PRE-ORDER. BIKES EXPECTED TO ARRIVE FIRST HALF OF APRIL Kona's lineup of hardtails tells the story of more than three decades of innovation, durability, and good old-fashioned fun. The Fire Mountain is a Kona classic which brings some of the finer things to light. The Fire Mountain is running the new Microshift Advent 9-speed drivetrain for precise, smooth shifing, and hydraulic disc brakes to stop on a dime. With adjustable 100mm of Suntour suspension and sturdy WTB tires aboard wider 27mm rims, the Fire Mountain helps build confidence off-road.
Pre-Order 2021 Roll City C:1
PRE-ORDER. BIKES EXPECTED TO ARRIVE FIRST LATE APRIL/EARLY MAY Roll City C:1 was designed and built specifically to make the everyday ride far more than just an everyday ride. Like every Roll, the C:1 is effortlessly quick, forward thinking, and ultimately versatile. The C:1 is both supremely comfortable, and extremely agile. The custom riser bars offer a more relaxed head and shoulder position, while still maintaining the most efficient pedal stroke. And whatever your journey, integrated mounting points allow a full complement of accessories and options. The C:1 is designed with meticulous attention to detail. A 10 speed (1x10) drivetrain with a single, sequential thumb shifter ensures intuitive and confident shifting, and lower maintenance. The disc brakes on the C:1 provide consistent, assured braking.
Pre-Order 2021 Roll Sport S:1
PRE-ORDER. BIKES EXPECTED TO ARRIVE FIRST LATE APRIL/EARLY MAY Roll Sport S:1 is A bike to move, and be moved by. Imagined, designed and built as a quintessential flat bar road bike. Roll bikes feature timless frame design, deliberately understated, and decidedly fast. Ideal for those days when you want to sweat a little, or commute, or maybe both. The S:1 is designed with meticulous attention to detail. The rider position is refined to achieve superior control, handling, and comfort without sacrificing forward motion. There’s a single thumb shifter for intuitive gear changing and a nifty 1x10 drive train that has the range of a traditional 2x9 but without the weight or fussiness of a front derailleur. Disc brakes offer performance far beyond traditional rim brakes, and although they’re hidden, you will feel the superior smoothness of sealed bearings on every ride, and appreciate their lifespan. You’ll feel a distinct difference in the ride, not because of one exceptional component but the considered combination of them all. If you like to go faster farther, you'll fall in love with the S:1.
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