Frozen Chosen


Frozen Chosen


($190 plus $5 supply & recycling fee)

SAVE $20 if you purchase by October 31, 2019 with discount code WTS2020.

AVAILABLE OCT 1-MAR 31. Winter biking takes a special type of spirit and commitment. Those who undertake it also know that it takes a huge toll on the bike and all of its parts. We’ve developed an exclusive maintenance program specifically designed with winter biking in mind. It's more that winterizing your bike; it's a complete, season-long maintenance program that covers your bike all the way through March. Includes all the services that are part of our regular Deluxe Tune-Up, plus:

  • $5 Bike Wash & lubrication whenever needed

  • Free adjustments and tuning as often as needed

  • Free labor on fixing flats

  • Free installation of parts and accessories purchased at Cosmic Bikes (we cannot install parts or accessories purchased at other shops or online as part of this service, however, we will gladly install them for you at our regular labor rates)

  • 10% discount on parts and accessories purchased at Cosmic Bikes

  • The ongoing maintenance and discounts included in this service cover the entire cold riding season from October through March 31 of the following year.

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The Fine Print

  • Please keep in mind that the prices listed are for Labor only. Many bicycles will require replacement parts for safe and proper functioning.

  • All bicycles, including children's bikes, are vehicles, and require certain components to operate properly to ensure safety. We cannot be responsible for the safety of the components that you do not allow us to service or replace, and may therefore decline to perform any repair that will not result in a safely operating bicycle.

  • We charge $5 supply and recycling fee on all our major tune-ups, complete assemblies and custom builds, and some a la carte services. This is to help offset the cost of cardboard recycling, and shop supplies and materials, including cleaners, lubricants, small hardware and shop towels.

  • Labor Guarantee*
    All of our labor is guaranteed for 30 days. Specific services carry longer guarantees, as described above. We stand behind our services, and promise to make any needed corrections or adjustments free of charge during the period covered by the guarantee.

    • In rare cases, additional parts may be needed to correct the problem. With the exceptions of inner tubes on warranty flat repairs, additional parts are not included in the guarantee.

    • In order to keep track of your repair history, we keep detailed records of your services under your account. Our Labor Guarantees are non-transferrable, and apply only to the original purchaser.