Dumonde Tech Lube w/Applicator


Dumonde Tech Lube w/Applicator

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The Classic ORIGINAL chain lube is a liquid plastic and through polymerization forms long-lasting plating on all chain surfaces.

  • “Riding in” forms an extremely low-friction plating.

  • Plating bonds to chain; can’t be washed off!

  • Components stay cleaner, last longer, run quieter.

  • Extremely durable, outlasts all other chain lubes!

  • Environmentally sensitive and saves money.

  • To be applied sparingly unlike many other other lubes.

Classic Lite and Original Bicycle Chain Lube (BCL) differ only in their concentration. Original BCL is more concentrated for exceptional durability under the most challenging conditions.

The two formulas are compatible and may be used interchangeably.

We recommend the Original Bicycle Chain Lube for mountain bike, cyclo-cross, winter and other extreme conditions, and Lite for road, commuting and recreational riding. You can confidently use Dumonde Tech’s Bicycle Chain Lube on all cables, pivots points, seals. Safe on plastic, rubber, all seal materials. The product is designed to not harm your components. Eco-friendly and environmentally sensitive, our products are engineered to perform with minimal “carbon footprint” by not washing off in water, to use sparingly, lasts longer between applications, your drive train lasts longer. Very good performer in the extreme cold conditions.

Each 2oz bottle comes with a screw-on needle dropper, that makes precise application easy.

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Preparation and Application of Dumonde Tech Original Chain Lube:

  • To prepare for maximum performance from Dumonde Tech Original Chain Lube, use a high quality solvent to thoroughly clean and dry the chain before the first application. You will only need to clean the chain once, prior to the first application of Dumonde Tech. For optimum performance, 2-3 applications is required for the bonding process to occur through polymerization.

  • Apply sparingly, using the included needle applicator to drip oil onto each chain link, and wipe off excess lubricant with a clean cloth to the point where the chain’s outer surface appears dry. The two-ounce of Dumonde Tech should give you at least 20 applications.

  • Re-apply Dumonde Tech only when you begin to hear your chain; sound, not appearance or time, is the best indicator of when the chain needs a reapplication of Original.

  • Use mild soap and water to clean between applications.