Services included with your new Cosmic Bikes bicycle purchase

With the exception of folding bikes, and select clearance models, most bicycles we carry are meant to be sold in a face to face transaction at our brick-and-mortar location, and are not available to be purchased online. Find out why here. All new bicycles we sell are covered by the following service and maintenance plan, included in your purchase price.

Professional Bicycle Assembly

Quality bicycle assembly is a very time consuming and skill-intensive activity which ensures your riding safety. Most bicycles sold in the US come from countries on the other side of the world, whose quality control standards and emphasis may be quite different from our own.

If you were to bring us an unassembled bicycle purchased elsewhere, we would charge $125 to put it together. That service is included with any new bicycle you purchase at Cosmic Bikes. The assembly, which is a long list of steps, is followed by a test ride and a final check by a senior mechanic before the bike is ready to be sold. We take care with this process, because a bicycle is not just a random collection of parts. It is a vehicle, whose performance depends on a series of complex systems working together in harmony. And your safety depends on that.

New Bicycle Maintenance*

We consider your bicycle purchase to be the beginning, not the end, of a relationship. We may not send you chocolates on your birthday, but, after you've put your trust in us, we back you up with a full year's worth of free service.

After the first 30 days of riding your bike you will want us to check over your bike. It is not uncommon for some components to get out of adjustment when you begin riding. This service will give us a chance to address these normal issues before they turn into problems, and handle anything else that might affect the safety and enjoyment of your ride. That said, if you notice anything out of the ordinary before the first 30 days, bring the bike in immediately. "30 days" is a rough guideline, and is not tied to your date of purchase. It depends on how much you've had a chance to ride your new bike. If you are unsure, stop in any time and let us take a look at your bike to check if it's working well.

You will receive free labor on anything related to the normal maintenance of the bike during your first year of ownership. For example, if you are a commuter and need to adjust your brakes or replace the pads, you will only be charged for the parts needed for the repair. (Unfortunately, we cannot extend this policy to any damage sustained in crashes or accidents, but we promise that in such cases we will work with you to get a fair price.)

When you purchase new parts or accessories at Cosmic Bikes for your new bike within the first year of ownership, we will install them free of charge. This can add up to substantial savings, especially on labor-intensive items such as cycling computers, racks and fenders. We cannot offer you free labor to install items purchased elsewhere. If you find an attractively priced item online or at another shop, please let us know. We may be able to offer you a competitive solution, especially when you include the cost of installation. If you wish to move items you already own from an older bike, some reasonable labor charges may apply.

We will repair flats on your new bike for free for one year from the date of purchase. This includes a free tube and labor any time you get a flat for any reason.

Why do we do this? Flats are one of a cyclist's most frustrating occurrences, especially on a new bike. The free flat service allows us to address this problem for you, worry-free. When you bring your bike in for your free flat repair, in addition to the service, we may be able to forestall any problems that might cause recurring flats and also provide tips on how to repair or prevent flats yourself.

Within your first year of ownership, you will be entitled to one free Deluxe Tune-Up service on your new bike. Most people use this toward the end of their first riding season or to get their bike ready for the next riding season.

For bicycles priced from $600 and up, we offer a complimentary Lifetime Annual Deluxe Tune-Up (normally $150). This annual service covers all labor on our premium tune-up package (you will be responsible for any needed parts), and may be redeemed any time between November 1 and February 28.

*Our New Bicycle Services are non-transferrable, and apply only to the original purchaser. Please check the Manufacturer Warranty Information to learn about the transferrability of Manufacturer's Warranty.