Deluxe Tune-Up


Deluxe Tune-Up


DELUXE TUNE-UP ($150 plus $5 supply & recycling fee*):

This is for heavily-used bicycles that show a lot of drivetrain wear. Recommended for daily bicycle users. Includes all the steps of the Basic and Major Tune-Ups, plus:

  • Full degreasing and re-lubricationof the drivetrain
  • If needed, replacement of any external moving part or component (excl. frame or fork), including chains, cassettes, frozen brakes, cranks, chainrings, etc. without additional labor charge.
    (NOTE: There is a lot of variation here, depending on the needs of each individual bike & rider, and the only way to really nail it down is bring you bike in and discuss the repair with the mechanic. Labor assessments and estimates are free when you purchase a labor package.)
  • Removal of build-up from the rims to increase rim and brake pad life, and braking power.
  • Full detail cleaning and polishing of all external parts and frame.
  • 90-day labor guarantee.
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