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Discover what's possible on a bike. We carry bikes that will take you Downtown and out of town, around the neighborhood, and around the world. Bikes for where pavement ends and adventure begins, bikes you can pack in a suitcase and take on a plane, bikes for anywhere you want to go.
Let us help you find a bike that will fit your body and your lifestyle, delight you, offer you years of enjoyment, and make you want to get out there!


Join us on Saturday, Dec. 1 for Bike Shop Day

We’ll host an all-day OPEN HOUSE to celebrate the unique culture of a local bicycle store and its connection to the community.

YUBA CARGO: rethink the family car

Move over, minivan! Yuba cargo bikes make it easy to extend your car-free lifestyle into Fall and even Winter. Carry your kids, cargo, heck —carry the family dog! We have a full selection of pedal-powered bikes from Yuba, including:

  • Full-size Mundo and Sweet Curry

  • Compact Boda Boda

  • Front-loading Supermarché

  • Kids' tiny cargo balance bikes

  • Yuba Electric available by special order.


Could a Brompton fit into your life?

The ultimate in versatility and flexibility, Bromptons seamlessly interact with other modes of transport, and open travel, storage & security options unavailable to standard bikes. They are precisely engineered to fit into the tightest schedule and the smallest space, and provide fast, reliable transport wherever you may find yourself.

We are your local, full-service Brompton resource.
Whether you're buying a brand new custom Brompton, or need service, uprgrades and repair on an existing one, we'd be delighted to share our expertise with you. We own Bromptons, love them, and ride the heck out of them. You will not find any shop in Chicago area with more experience setting up new Bromptons or servicing older ones. Our staff have helped hundreds of customers with their Brompton purchases and repairs. Every Brompton we sell goes through a rigorous assembly procedure, including our 12-Point Checklist. PLUS, we offer FREE delivery & set-up in the greater Chicago area with your new Brompton purchase.

Learn about Brompton

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FREE Delivery & Setup

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Complete Bicycle Service & Repair

Our technicians are professionals with decades of bike service experience under their belts. While anyone can grasp the basics of bicycle repair, true expertise in this field, as in any highly specialized trade, comes only through years of work and hands-on experience. Our mechanics have honed their skills at some of the most respected and demanding repair shops in Chicago, making our Service Department second to none. We adhere to the highest standards of quality, both in bicycle repair, and in out-of-the-box assembly of new product.

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