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Brompton folding bikes

The ultimate in versatility and flexibility, folding bikes let you to combine biking with transit, taxi cabs, and give you access to storage and security options unavailable to standard bikes. And that's just for local riding. For the traveler with a folding bike, the world is your oyster.

Brompton recall

Bottom Bracket2.jpg

Brompton Bicycle has issued a voluntary recall on bottom brackets installed on Bromptons sold between 2014-2017. To check if your bike is affected by the recall, click here. For affected bikes, please call us at 773-930-4076 to schedule your FREE replacement service.

Frozen Chosen is here!

This service was specially designed for customers who depend on their bicycles for transportation in winter, and covers your bike now through March 2018. For one up-front fee, we will tune your bike and keep it serviced throughout the winter season. Click here for info.

bike diversity

New bike arrivals

New 2018 Kona bikes have begun to arrive, including some limited-production models. Come and check out the new Sutra LTD adventure bike, all-steel Unit X, Big Dew and Rove DL which will carry you from the office straight into the sunset, and more.

kids' & family bikes

What is a cyclist? A kid with her first training wheels, a student on a single-speed, a dad running errands with baby in tow, a mom getting on the train with her folding bike, a person rediscovering the joys of cycling on a trike. We have bikes for all of them, and more.

Kids gravitate to bicycles, and immediately recognize the autonomy they offer. When taught to treat bikes like vehicles, not toys, kids will grasp from an early age the freedom and independence that comes from getting places on their own power.

Bike Clearance

We have some remaining past-season inventory that we would love to put into good hands. Fine bicycles, but somewhat less popular models, or perhaps we just ordered too many of them. Head over to the SALE page to see what's still available.

Bicycle services

A well tuned bicycle is a joy to ride, and our mechanics are seasoned masters of their trade. You can count on their expertise, solid, street-tested advice, and have the confidence that when you bring your bike in for repair, you're leaving it in good hands.

Could a Brompton fit into your life?

We're a FULL-SERVICE Brompton resource!


We love Bromptons, and have been riding them for years! Some of our technicians have worked on Bromptons for over 10 years. We can handle everything from a not-so-simple flat repair to hinge replacement, to complete overhaul.
Our store is well-stocked with a selection of Brompton bikes and accessories, current-model demo bikes and repair parts. We're happy to assist with your custom Brompton order, and offer FREE delivery and set-up in the Chicago area.

Available now for purchase or pre-order. Come in for a test ride:


Yuba compact and full-size cargo bikes.


Faraday Electric bikes.


Blix Electric & Folding bikes.

Recent Rides and Adventures: 52 Rides in 52 Weeks

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From our blog, and other things you might want to know:


Were it not for the invention of the hybrid bike, urban cycling in the US would not be what it is today. What started as a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike resulted in a new bike category, more comfortable and sensible than either of the parents. And, what started out as a compromise, actually created a riding style all of its own. (more)


Some think bike commuting is for the dedicated few. It seems like a lifestyle choice, and maybe riding a bike doesn't fit in your daily schedule. Or maybe you're not sure if you'll like it. At least not all the time. That's OK. Biking doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. You can use your bike when convenient and enjoyable, and still use the car when you really need it. (more)


Bicycle theft is rampant in many urban neighborhoods, and Chicago certainly has its share of the problem. Whether you are riding an expensive bike or a garage-sale model, having your bike stolen is expensive, inconvenient and downright maddening. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make your bike a less likely target. (more)


One of our goals at Cosmic Bikes is to help more people become comfortable using a bike as part of their lifestyle, and therefore, we'd like to help people overcome some of the most basic obstacles to riding: flat tires, inability to carry stuff, route planning and fear of traffic, fear of theft, and fear of the Unknown. (more)