Extended Service offer for Your New Bicycle

Thank you so much for buying your new bicycle from Cosmic Bikes! We hope you've been enjoying it, and want to make sure that you continue to do so for seasons to come.

To that end, we're offering customers who purchased new bicycles from us the opportunity to extend the services included in the original one-year service package for an additional 3 years. This extended service will normally be priced at $250, but through October 31, 2018, we are offering it to customers who bought bikes within the past year $150 with a special discount code, which has been emailed to you. This is the normal price of our Deluxe Tune-Up. But, as part of this package, you will receive 3 annual Deluxe Tune-Ups PLUS included labor on covered maintenance, as outlined in the service description on the right.

Questions? We've got answers!

Q. Why are you doing this? You're giving away the farm!
A. Yes and no. We believe in generating goodwill and good karma. The way we see it, if we're super nice, and offer you a great value, you'll have no reason to get your bike stuff anywhere else!

Q. Does this include parts and labor?
A. The special offer covers labor only. However, as part of the extended plan, you will also receive 10% off any parts used to perform your repairs during the 3-year period.

Q. I just bought my bike and I haven't even used my FREE tune-up yet. Will you be offering the same deal next year?
A. We can't guarantee that we'll be running the same promotion next year, but don't worry! Getting the 3-year extension won't cancel your free tune-up. If you purchase the extended service now, it will kick in on the 1st anniversary of your bike purchase.

Q. I bought more than one bike. What should I do?
A. Thank you! We love you!! You can reserve the extended service package for each of your new bikes. We can track the service history for each bike separately.

Q. My free service ended, and I already purchased a new tune-up. Now what?
A. It's hard for us to time these offers perfectly, but rest assured that our aim is to make things easier, not harder for you. Stop in or call us at the store, and we'll make sure that we get you signed up for the right program.

Q. What discount code?
A. If you purchased your new bike from Cosmic Bikes, but have not received an email with the discount code, please complete your contact info below, and we'll send one right out to you! We will never use our mailing list for any nefarious purposes, or sell it, or purposely do anything to annoy you.

Yes, send me the code!

Yes, I purchased my bike from Cosmic Bikes, want to take advantage of the Extended Service offer. You can also send me service updates, and news about events, workshops, specials from Cosmic Bikes.

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3-Year Extended Service

This will extend the service and maintenance of your bike for three years from the first anniversary of your new bicycle purchase from Cosmic Bikes. Everything that was part of your initial one-year service package will be extended for additional three years:

  • Deluxe annual Tune-Up
  • Included labor on adjustments and maintenance
  • Included labor and inner tube on flat fixes
  • 10% discount off any parts used to complete your repairs
  • Included labor on installation of any parts and accessories purchased at Cosmic Bikes
  • Included tire inflation
  • Included chain lubrication
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