Yuba Cargo Bikes

Looking to retire your minivan, or just replace some of the local car trips with quality family time?

Yuba cargo bikes are the perfect urban movers for people, stuff, and even dogs, and turn schlepping chores into everyday adventures. Whether you're delivering your homemade goods to local customers, dropping the kiddos at school, or bringing Fido along on a bike camping trip, Yuba hauling machines will help you deliver your precious cargo with ease and style.

new Yuba kombi

The Kombi, ahem… combines the best features of Yuba cargo bikes in one very affordable package!

  • Whopping 400lbs+ payload and space for two passengers on rear rack

  • 24” wheels and step-thru frame make getting on and off easy even when fully loaded

  • Disc brakes for secure all-weather stopping

  • Compact frame for easy street parking

  • Vertical storage for space savings in your home or garage

  • Price tag? $999. Wow.*

We will have Kombis available in Yellow and Blue in December.

Throughout the season, we will stock a range of models for test-rides, along with a selection of popular accessories. We can help you figure out the best set-up for your needs, and help you quickly order your desired options.

Bikes can be fitted, test-ridden and purchased only at our physical location. Find out why here.

Who needs a minivan?

Supermarché from $2700

Rethink everything. If you've ever wondered how you can get everything done without a car, here's your answer. A video is worth a thousand words, but a test ride is even better. Come on in to try one!

1-3 passengers / 300 lbs payload.


2019 Yuba Clearance


Mundo Lux $1999

A plush ride for the whole family, souped up with a lighter-weight frame, hydraulic disc brakes, Shimano 3x8 shifting, integrated lights and fenders. Playdates? Family outings? Camping trips? Going car-free? YES!
1-3 passengers / 400 lbs payload.


Sweet Curry $2190

Lighter aluminum frame and lower center of gravity make this a great and stable option for smaller riders carrying big loads. Readily accepts Yepp child seats and cargo bags, making this a perfect vehicle for all your errands and outings.
1-3 passengers / 300 lbs payload.

*The official launch of the Kombi in the US is slated for mid-December 2019. Until then, pricing is subject to chance, but as of this writing this is the projected MSRP.