Complete Guide to Buying a Bicycle for Your Lifestyle

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What this guide is not

The operative word in the title is lifestyle, and therefore in this guide we will not concern ourselves with bikes used for competition, racing or endurance events. Instead, we’ll focus on helping you find your way to a bike you can use to enhance aspects of your life, such as transportation, recreation and adventure.

We also won’t be making specific recommendations about bike brands or models, although we may give examples and suggest that certain types of bikes are particularly well-suited to certain riding situations.

Truthfully, we care a little less about particular bikes, and a whole lot more about what bikes do for people, and about what they can do for our communities.

Before you buy a bike, take the time to honestly and thoroughly evaluate your cycling needs: the frequency and distance of your ride, the importance of comfort versus speed, potential savings over other transit options, other ways you may use the bike over time, items or passengers you might carry, maintenance costs, accessories, to name a few.

First things first

Closer view of Bike Categories

  • Hybrid bikes
    We believe that were it not for the invention of the hybrid bike (which started as a happy marriage between a “ten speed” road bike and a fat-tire mountain bike) urban cycling in the US would not be what it is today.

  • Road, Gravel & Touring Bikes

  • City Bikes

  • Folding Bikes
    It is no secret that we specialize in Brompton folding bikes, and believe they are an awesome addition to urban life, as well as a life of adventure. From the link above you’ll be able to explore all aspects of choosing and owning a Brompton.

  • What about your own bike?

Lifestyle Considerations