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We've Been Around The Block A Few Times

Cosmic Bikes is home to some of the most senior, continually working bicycle professionals in the city, with literally decades of experience under their belts. The people who work here were instrumental in helping create and cultivate Chicago's bike culture, and you can count on them to give you solid, time-tested advice, guidance, and top of the line service.

Our Story

Our roots in Chicago's bike history are strong: back in the prehistoric era, 1994 to be exact, we opened the first bicycle shop in the region focused on transportation, long before it was the fashionable thing to do. It was also Chicago's first shop to carry recumbents, and --a bit later-- Brompton folding bikes. Many of Chicago's finest bike mechanics cut their teeth with us, and several went on to open their own independent bike shops throughout the city (and other places in the US). 

Our history is colorful and long, perhaps too long to be summarized here. But if you are curious about where we came from, what our values are, and how we came to devote our lives to this project (or if you just can't sleep at night), here are some more things about us:

Here. Now. What it means to be local.

Our previous shop.

Bloodletting, True Grit, and Living Your Potential.

Our Staff

Nick Wilson

Nick has meticulously restored countless vintage bikes, and is an expert at building durable wheels for urban travel and touring. He's worked with us since 2005.

McD Doherty

McD started with us in 2008, initially as an assembler and trainee, gaining over a decade of experience to gradually become our resident Brompton expert.

Ronnie LoBello

Ronnie has worked with us for over 25 years. He's repaired everything from vintage Schwinns to high-racer recumbents. He's also helped create our shop from the ground up finishing floors, painting walls, building cabinets and more.

Scott Sedlacek

Scott started as a customer, taking our complete Tune-Up class in 2018. He's since trained to become a bike assembler and part-time mechanic.

Peter Stodder

Peter has been with us since 1997, when he was born into this bike shop family. He's trained formally with us since 2014 and is a part time mechanic and assembler.

Chris Stodder

Co-Owner of Cosmic Bikes, Chris has worked on bikes for over 30 years, first from his back porch, later in a series of shops, before opening his own bike shop in 1994. Cosmic Bikes is his newest project.

Justyna Frank

The other owner of Cosmic Bikes, Justyna is to blame for the whole thing, since it was her idea to open a bike shop back in the 90's. Since then she's put literally thousands of people on bikes. She'll talk Bromptons with you til the cows come home.