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Why Buy From Us?

Over more than a decade, our staff have helped hundreds of customers with their Brompton purchase and Brompton services and customizations. You'd be hard pressed to find a shop with more experience and commitment to expertly setting up new Bromptons to ensure excellent riding experience, your safety and longevity of the bike. 

Plus, we own Bromptons, love them, and ride the heck out of them.

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Our Assembly Process

Your new Brompton will be expertly assembled by a skilled mechanic. Even though Bromptons arrive from the factory almost completely pre-assembled, we take ample time to go over all systems to ensure that adjustments are perfect and will hold.

We do not consider it a waste of time to take a pre-assembled bike out of the box and begin by taking it apart to ensure everything is assembled correctly. It can be a lengthy and time-consuming process, but it will make your bike run better, feel better, and last longer. In the end, we make sure that all of the following have been addressed:

12-Point Checklist

Although these items are essential for the safe functioning and long-term durability of your bike, they are commonly overlooked in typical shop assemblies.

1. Out of the box bike visually inspected for any flaws, defects or shipping damage; bike configuration verified against your order.

2. Wheels pre-stressed using our proprietary process, dished, trued and spokes properly tensioned.

3. The headset (internal bearing assembly that allows for steering) adjusted to correct tension, and secured to ensure it won't loosen.

4. The pedals, crank assembly and internal bearings properly tightened and secured.

5. Hub bearings adjusted to correct tension and secured.

6. Brakes adjusted for dependable, noise-free stopping, and secure attachment of brake shoes and cables checked.

7. Shifting mechanisms precisely adjusted. The 3-speed internal hub shifting mechanism adjusted and secured to prevent the indicator chain from rattling loose. Secure attachment of cables checked.

8. Frame hinges and seatpost quick release inspected for proper functioning and secure attachment of levers.

9. Seat clamp adjusted to correct angle and secured.

10. All component and accessory fasteners and bolts tightened and secured with Loctite as appropriate.

11. Tires inflated to correct recommended pressure.

12. Bike has been test-ridden, test-folded and quality-checked by a second mechanic.

Why Buy Locally?

With an established and experienced Brompton dealer in your local area, it makes no sense to order your Brompton online. Any apparent sales tax savings will quickly be offset by maintenance costs within the first year. Bromptons are highly specific, and require the expertise of a competent mechanic with ready access to a wide array of Brompton-authorized parts to ensure correct functioning for rider safety and longevity of the bike. When the bike is purchased from us, the bulk of the maintenance cost will be covered for a period of time.

Buying locally from Cosmic Bikes has the following advantages:

  • FREE included expert assembly (details are on the right). This will fulfill your Warranty requirement of having the bike tuned by an Authorized Brompton Dealer.
  • FREE included 100-mile check-up, as recommended by Brompton.
  • FREE included one-year new bike maintenance package. (Can be extended for additional 3 years for $250 within the first year after purchase).
  • FREE labor on approved modifications and accessory installation or upgrades.
  • Significant savings on labor costs over the life of the bike.

FREE Delivery

We offer FREE Delivery & Set-Up Throughout Greater Chicagoland. We've made deliveries to locations such as Rockford IL, Milwaukee WI and Michigan City IN. Before you order a bike online from a place you'll never visit, give us a call at 773-930-4076 to see if we're able to deliver to your area. If so, we can walk you through your custom order over the phone, and bring the bike to you when ready. Here's what you'll get:

  • Delivery to your home or office, conveniently scheduled at a time when you can personally receive your Brompton.
  • A trained employee will demonstrate how to fold and unfold the bike, and make sure you are able to do it yourself.
  • He or she will familiarize you will all the features and systems (brakes, shifting, lighting and accessories you purchased).
  • He or she will also adjust your seat to correct height, position and angle, and adjust the handlebars as necessary for your comfort.
  • You'll have a chance to ask questions, to make sure you are ready to be one-on-one with your Brompton.

Buying from Out of Area?

If you do not have a local dealer and are shopping with us from out of town, we will fully tune, adjust and test your Brompton (see 12-Point Checklist above) prior to shipping anywhere within contiguous US. 

While it may not be practical for you to take advantage of all the services we can offer local customers, please know that it is possible to make a service appointment while you're visiting Chicago, or ship the bike to us for service. Many customers have used these options in order to take advantage of our expertise.