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Why Brompton?

If you want an efficient and flexible urban bike, compact enough to fit in a smallest living space or under your office desk, portable enough to take on the train, or virtually any vacation, that never, ever needs to be locked outside, then you want a folding bike.

But, if you also want 

  • lightning-fast, super-easy folding & unfolding,
  • the most compact, secure & portable package available
  • comfortable, efficient & dignified ride
  • unsurpassed for multi-modal commuting, travel & compact storage
  • thoughtful integration with well-designed accessories
  • engineered & hand-crafted in England

-- then choose a Brompton.

Brompton Advantage

At the heart of Brompton's design is its ease of use, which --in turn-- creates a tremendous sense of independence in urban spaces. Bromptons are tough and nimble in urban environments, and they always facilitate --never impede-- your journey. 

The compact fold, which makes them ideal for urban applications, also makes them the perfect vehicle for escaping the city. Need a change of scene? Just pop a Brompton on a plane, train or in the car to explore further afield. 

The ultimate in versatility and flexibility, these compact folding bicycles let you combine biking with transit, taxi cabs, and give you access to storage and security options unavailable to standard bikes. And that's just for local riding. For the traveler with a folding bike, the world is your oyster. With a Brompton, you'll always have transportation, wherever your journey takes you.

Simple to use. The bike can easily be folded or unfolded in literally seconds.

Great design. When folded, it is locked together in a compact package without the use of external straps or latches.

Fits your lifestyle. It can be carried or towed easily, and conveniently stored almost anywhere.

Clean. The chain and gears are in the center of the folded package, keeping them away from clothing and luggage.

Small. Really small! The folded bike fits in an opening 24"x24"x9".

Great ride. Unfolded, the bike has a wheelbase comparable to that of a standard bike, giving it sure-footed stability on the road.

Versatile. It accommodates riders from under 5' to over 6' tall.

Unstoppable in the city. Where other bikes stop you from jumping on a train or into a taxi, a Brompton FOLDS giving you options.

Value. Save money on commuting fares, taxis, car parking or bike share. A Brompton will always pay for itself.

Saves time. In most modern cities travel by bicycle is faster than by car, taxi or bus.

Saves space. Where space is at a premium, a Brompton is perfect.

Flexibility For those of us who can't commit 100% to commuting by bike (and even those who do), a Brompton gives you options to use other modes of transit when conditions warrant.

Secure. Never, ever lock your bike again. Bring it with you wherever you go!

How It Works

Everything about the Brompton is designed from the ground up to fit into the way you live and move around the city. All Bromptons share identical frame design and folding mechanism. However, you can personalize the bike to your physique, riding preferences and taste. All Brompton models are designated by a three-character code, which corresponds to the three main choices your will make when configuring your bike: The Handlebars (S, M or H), The Gearing (2, 3 or 6-speed), and choice or rear rack and fenders (Versions E, L and R). 

Beyond that, you can more fully customize your Brompton with accessories, colors and luggage, as well as occasional Limited Edition options. All Brompton add-ons are thoughtfully designed to enhance your cycling experience. Riding the Brompton, and using the full range of its features and accessories, is a pleasure that only a well-crafted product can offer.

Our Complete Brompton Buyers' Guide contains more detailed descriptions of all the options.

Why Buy From Us?

For all their ease of use, Bromptons are highly specific. Each bike requires an expert hand to assemble, prep and tune it to ensure that your real-world experience with your new bike is excellent.  You'd be hard pressed to find a shop with more experience and commitment to properly setting up new Bromptons or servicing older ones. Over more than a decade, our staff have helped hundreds of customers with their Brompton purchase and Brompton services and customizations. Plus, we own Bromptons, love them, ride the heck out of them, and understand all their special quirks.

12-Point Checklist

Our assembly is a time-consuming process, but it will make your bike run better, feel better, and last longer. 

Service & Repair

Tuning and repairing Bromptons requires expertise and keen sensitivity to its unique design and specificity of the parts.