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Let's Get Comfortable

It's simple: the more comfortable you are on your bike, the more you'll look forward to riding it. Our approach to bicycle fit and comfort is pretty straightforward. We don't fit elite athletes; instead we help people who use their bikes for everyday riding, commuting, fitness, recreation and commuting to get comfortable, so that while biking you can shift attention away from your body, and create head space.

How We Work

At Cosmic Bikes we don't have expensive computerized fitting apparatus. But we do have staff with more than two decades of real-life experience in putting literally thousands of people on bikes. We're also really good at listening to customers and finding solutions to address bike fit problems they've experienced in the past.

Physical fit considerations will be different for a person intending to go on a long bicycle journey, where long days in the saddle make comfort and stability paramount, from someone who wants to compete, where weight and agility may outweigh comfort. Those who ride primarily for fitness will have different needs from those who ride for relaxation, and still different for urban commuters. The trickiest scenario of all may be having one bike that needs to be a jack of all trades: commuter by day, fitness machine on weekends, and a touring rig during vacations. 

That's why we also take into account your reasons for biking, and make sure they get included along with other fit considerations.

Who We Fit:

  • New cyclists
  • Commuters
  • Riders planning extended tours or adventure rides
  • Recreational cyclists
  • Road cyclists
  • Mountain bike enthusiasts
  • Riders recovering from minor injuries
  • Riders with changing needs due to age, weight loss or gain, pregnancy or other life changes

We do not specialize in fitting competitive athletes or performance coaching. Instead, our aim is to ensure your comfort for your everyday cycling needs. This means that not only will you maximize your investment, but you'll also be more likely to meet your personal goals, and even discover  benefits from biking that you did not expect. 

The Process

Sizing a rider to a bicycle must take into account rider proportions, and use them to find the best frame size and optimal placement of points of contact: saddle, handlebars and pedals. This almost always involves striking a balance between correct frame height, which allows for enough clearance between the rider and the frame, and reach to the handlebars for just enough stretch --but not too much-- while riding. 

After a conversation about your riding needs, and taking some key body measurements (your height, inseam, arm length and shoe size), we'll make general recommendations about suitable bike size and bike type. We'll explain optimal seat height and adjust the seat accordingly. We'll also dial in the fore/aft seat position. Based on your stated riding needs and preferences, we'll recommend the positioning of the stem, handlebars and brake and shift levers to achieve optimal comfort. Daily commuters, long distance bike tourists and those seeking custom bike builds may also benefit from the analysis of their crank arm length and pedal and cleat positioning.

Because stock bikes come in a few limited sizes --and people do not-- bike fitting often involves some component replacements.

The cost and time needed for your fit consultation will depend on the level of detail involved and number of components needing replacement.

*We're currently offering only essential sizing and comfort fittings with new bicycle purchase. Stand-alone fitting services have been temporarily suspended. PLEASE VISiT OUR ONLINE COMMON SENSE BIKE FIT GUIDE.

Basic Sizing



Personal interview about your riding needs, and key body measurements

Frame size and bike type recommendation

Adjust seat height

Adjust fore/aft seat position

Recommended reach/height of stem

Recommended reach, height and width of handlebars.

Minor handlebar, stem and controls adjustments

(allow 30 minutes)

Comfort Fit



Includes everything from Sizing Consultation, plus:

Consultation about your riding habits, physical condition and flexibility, followed by a complete analysis and adjustment of your bicycle

Saddle replacement*

Replacement of stem and/or handlebar to improve extension, reach and height*

Adjustment of handlebar width

Handlebar grip/tape replacement*

Pedal/cleat alignment

(allow 45-60 minutes for evaluation plus more time for parts installation)

*Cost of parts not included

Fit Overhaul



Includes everything in Comfort Fit, plus:

Crank arm measurement and/or replacement*

Pedal Installation and cleat positioning*

Handlebar and brake/shift lever replacement and installation (changing handlebar style)*

(allow 90 minutes) 

*Cost of parts not included