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Buying a Brompton...
________ currently a bit tricky. 

Model Year 2021 Bromptons will be available in very limited quantities starting in January of 2021, however supply is expected to run short well into spring. Because of this, we have temporarily suspended online ordering. If you’re interested in pre-ordering a stock or custom Brompton, please text us your inquiry at 773-930-4076

Pre-configured Bromptons

Pre-configured Bromptons are no different in quality or manufacturing process from custom-ordered ones. They simply represent some of the most popular configurations and colors and are available for immediate purchase.

We normally offer a selection of Bromptons available in stock from our showroom, however as of mid-December 2020 our showroom models are sold out. Availability is likely to remain extremely limited through Spring of 2021. Please  complete this form to be notified when new stock arrives, or check our website for updates. You can also call or text us at 773-930-4076 if you'd like to purchase any bike shown on our website, or to get the latest availability information.

Custom Bromptons

*Custom Bromptons are temporarily unavailable. Click here to be notified when ordering resumes.

When ordering resumes for 2021 models, you can use the interactive BROMPTON BUILDER on Brompton’s official site to configure the perfect bike and calculate the price. Once you have it exactly the way you want it, copy the Configuration Reference (CR#) generated, and contact us at 773-930-4076 to complete the order for you.