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Our Service Promise

Our Service Department is home to some of the most senior bicycle technicians in the city, so you can be confident you're leaving your bike in good hands. We will treat your bike like a vehicle, talk to you like a person, and get your bike working better than when it was new.

How We Work

Appointments: Due to the volume of work at peak season, service appointments are required for anything other than a flat repair between March and September. We will accept walk-in repairs in off-season months. 

To set up an appointment at any time of the year, please complete the Service Request Form. We will reach out to you with 24-48 hours to make arrangements. We will generally ask you to drop off your bike 4-6 days before the scheduled completion date to ensure we have all the parts necessary to perform the service. We won't know this until we see your bike (see below).

Estimates: A thorough estimate is the foundation of solid service, and can forestall surprises and unexpected costs down the road. We have to physically inspect the bike in order to give a complete estimate which includes the cost of labor and parts. Before we proceed with an estimate, we try to find out a little bit about you, your projected use of the bike, and your relationship to it. Please understand that we always recommend the most complete solution that will ensure the safety and longevity of the bike, and give you the best riding experience. If possible, we can scale the repairs to match your budget, as long as safe functioning is not compromised. 

You will receive a complete estimate for your approval, including labor, parts and time-frame for completion, before we proceed with any repairs. All of our repair services include the cost of performing an estimate. However if you decide to use our labor estimate to get your repair work performed elsewhere, we will assess a $25 fee for our time and expertise.

Tune-Up Package Options

For the most comprehensive service and the best value, we recommend choosing one of our complete tune-up packages. We also offer a la carte bike repairs if you're in need of a minor fix or adjustment. 

Full Tune-UpO


Braking system set-up and adjustments

Shifting system set-up and adjustments

Headset adjustment.

Spoke tension adjustment, dishing and truing  the wheels
(or wheel replacement)

Hub adjustments

Bottom bracket adjustments

Replacements and installation of brake pads, brakes, cables & housing

Safety inspection and correct attachment of wheels, components and accessories.

Application of lubricant to chain, grease to seatpost, and LocTite for small nuts and bolts.

Installation of additional accessories  (Group A)*

Light wipedown of frame. Touch points sanitized.

Test ride.

60-day labor guarantee.


Deluxe Tune-Up


Recommended for bicycles used for daily commutes, and other heavily-used bicycles with significant  drivetrain wear.
Includes Full Tune-Up PLUS:

Full degreasing and re-lubrication of the drivetrain, OR

Replacement of any external moving part or component (excl. frame or fork), including chains, cassettes, frozen brakes, cranks, chainrings.

Removal of build-up from the rims/rotors to increase rim and brake pad life, and braking power.

Rotor truing

Installation of upgrades and accessories purchased from us (Group B)*

Full detail cleaning and polishing of all external parts and frame. Touch points sanitized.

Test Ride.

90-day labor guarantee.




Our most comprehensive service includes everything in Deluxe Tune-Up, plus:

Replacement of contaminated grease in bottom bracket, headset and hubs.

  • Overhaul and bearing replacement in components including hubs, headsets, bottom brackets, OR

  • Replacement of components including headsets, bottom brackets, etc. without additional labor charge.

    If applicable, bottom bracket threads are greased or treated with LocTite, as recommended by bottom bracket manufacturer.

    Installation of any additional accessories, components or upgrades.*

  • If applicable, cleaning and repair of threads where possible.

    120-day labor guarantee.


Group A accessories/components:  inner tube, tire, rim strip, grips, bell, light, , mirror, kickstand, lock bracket.

Group B accessories/components: standard handlebar tape, rack, full fenders, baby seat, cycle computer, pedals.

*We cannot offer you free labor to install items purchased elsewhere. If you find an attractively priced item online or at another shop, please let us know. We may be able to offer you a competitive solution, especially when you include the cost of installation.

Itemized Repair Services

Bicycle Assembly

We include complete professional assembly for all new bicycles purchased through us.

Assemble a partially disassembled bike shipped for
 travel: $75

Complete professional assembly for new bicycles purchased elsewhere, including a 90-day guarantee. 

  • Multi-geared bicycle: $125

  • Single-speed adult bicycle: $100

  • Single-speed youth bicycle: $80

  • Long-tail cargo bike or recumbent: $175-$200

  • Front-loader cargo bike or tandem: $200-$250

  • E-bike surcharge: $75

  • Packing material disposal: $15-20

Other Services

  • Rim Brake Adjustment from $22

  • Disk Brake Adjustment from $30

  • Disk Brake Bleed from $30

  • Derailleur Adjustment from $22

  • Cable replacement $10 each

  • Bike / Drivetrain Cleaning from $35

  • Flat Fix (includes tube) from $24

  • Tubeless setup from $30 per wheel

  • Bike Packing (includes materials) from $85

  • Wheel True from $25

  • Wheel Build $75 single / $120 pair

  • Wheel Build with e-Bike motor $90

Care For Your Bike At Home


The Fine Print

  • Please keep in mind that the prices listed are for Labor only. Many bicycles will require replacement parts for safe and proper functioning.

  • All bicycles, including children's bikes, are vehicles, and require certain components to operate properly to ensure safety. We cannot be responsible for the safety of the components that you do not allow us to service or replace, and may therefore decline to perform any repair that will not result in a safely operating bicycle.

  • We charge $5 supply and recycling fee on all our major tune-ups, complete assemblies and custom builds, and some a la carte services. This is to help offset the cost of cardboard recycling, and shop supplies and materials, including cleaners, lubricants, small hardware and shop towels.

  • Labor Guarantee*
    All of our labor is guaranteed for 30 days. Specific services carry longer guarantees, as described above. We stand behind our services, and promise to make any needed corrections or adjustments free of charge during the period covered by the guarantee.

    • In rare cases, additional parts may be needed to correct the problem. With the exceptions of inner tubes on warranty flat repairs, additional parts are not included in the guarantee.

    • In order to keep track of your repair history, we keep detailed records of your services under your account. Our Labor Guarantees are non-transferrable, and apply only to the original purchaser.