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Don't! Don't wait until you have kids out of school, enough time, enough money, enough anything to go on adventures. Adventures lurk inside the city, or just outside of it, and even a day, or an overnight, spent relishing the outdoors will make a difference in your week and in your outlook. We guarantee it!


A bike is a fabulous tool for adventuring. It will carry stuff. A lot of stuff. Waaaay more than you can carry on your back. If you don't want to use the car, a bicycle will greatly increase the options accessible to you from your back door. And if you do use a car (or train) a bike will carry you off the beaten path where you will find fresh air, the sound of birds, and ...solitude!

Featured Adventure Bikes

Adventures come in many versions, from urban to remote, overnight to epic, and all sizes, from micro to f-a-t. So do adventure bikes. Here are some of our faves.

Bikes can be fitted, test-ridden and purchased only at our physical location. Find out why here.

700c wheels

The (g)old standard of touring bike wheels takes on new dimensions, as tire widths get bigger and bigger. We like the three bikes below for their range: the Sutra remains one of the best values on the market for out-of-the box usability as a classic touring bike, the Sutra LTD with monster 700x45 tires takes touring capabilities where no touring bike has gone before, and the all-chromoly steel Breezer Radar is an unbeatable entrant into the adventure bike field at just barely over a grand.


KONA Sutra LTD $2200

Top-rated by leading bike adventure experts: “The Sutra LTD is without a doubt a drop-bar bike built for off-road adventure. In addition to its ability to clear 29x2.1” tires, and a smorgasbord of bottle and rack mounts, it’s almost unmatched in the mainstream bike market for its mountain-bike like character.”


KONA Sutra $1500

All-touring touring bike, with traditional touches like a classic leather Brooks saddle, durable and field-repairable 3x9 Shimano Deore drivetrain with reliable bar-end shifters, fenders and proprietary dual-rail cargo rack. Durable Schwalbe Marathon Modial tires complete the package. You will be hard pressed to find a better-priced tour-ready bike anywhere.


BREEZER Radar Expert $1070

This bike stands alone among affordably-priced full chromoly steel adventure road bikes. Equipped with 45mm all-condition tires, wide-range gearing, rack & fender mounts and a compact geometry, the Radar traverses rough roads and trails with ease. For a budget-minded cyclist looking for the most versatility, this is it.

650B and FAT tires

The smaller, fatter tires seem inconsistent with the drop-bar style of riding, until you recall how many times you’ve ridden to a place where pavement inexplicably ended, or you found a tantalizing little bit of singletrack, that your skinny Gatorskins were just not up to. Enter the 650B tire that gives the old road bike the capacity for some serious exploration. And for those really wanting to get off the beaten path — or any path, for that matter — a fat bike can’t be beat for carrying you and your gear over any terrain in any season.


BREEZER Doppler Team+ $1800


KONA Rove ST $1600


SURLY Pugsley $1900

These two bikes take a similar approach to adventure road biking, combining a resilient chromoly steel frame with supple, high volume tires, for comfort that can’t be beat over the long haul. The Doppler Team Pro is a touch more versatile all-around, with hub-dynamo powered lighting and fenders for reliable city use, and a more traditional Shimano 105 drivetrain, while the Rove ST takes a more minimalist approach with the wide-range 1x10 SRAM drivetrain.

The bike that started it all has been redesigned to be the ultimate off-road touring and exploration rig. Intrepid adventurers, for whom being stranded isn’t an option, will appreciate its wider footprint, longer and more stable wheelbase, and plethora of accessory mounts.

More adventure bike options in a limitless field

Below are some more adventure bikes featured in our inventory. While we endeavor to represent a good selection in our shop, we can’t possibly stock all that our vendors offer. We will happily work with you to order or even customize the perfect set-up for the types of riding you envision.

… and even more options for biking adventures

Although some options are available off-the-shelf, don't let that limit your imagination:

Use what you have.


Your Own Bike $0 to about $350
for upgrades & repairs

  • Very little initial investment, so you don't have to put off adventures while you wait for the perfect bike!

  • Chances are the bike already fits you!

  • Yes, it can! We have customers who have completed multi-day self-supported rides on bikes others would consider "clunkers". Pshaw!

  • Don't skimp on safety. Work with a trusted mechanic to make sure your bike is mechanically sound.

Build what you want.


Made-To-Order, from about $2000

Get a bike made just for your needs and within your budget. We can help you set up a bike built around a resilient and supple chromoly steel frame, unmatched by any other material for comfort and durability, and hand-laced wheels.

  • Highly customizable: choose everything from tire width to components, pedals, handlebar style and more, for your own riding preference.

  • Frames available by special order from Kona, Fyxation, Soma, Surly and more.

Go for unconventional.

dew copy.jpg

Brompton, starting at $1200

  • Go-anywhere adventure enabler! (Many, many people have toured the world by Brompton.)

  • Fully integrated luggage, lighting and tool options available.

  • Ride out your back door, or seamlessly combine with bus or train to extend your adventuring range.

  • Great conversation-opener, so you can make friends wherever you go.