Why Electric?

In short, an electric bike lets you go further, longer and faster, making your life a little bit easier. If you commute by bike, the electric pedal assist system will transform your commute into the highlight of your day—and let you leave the change of clothes at home. If you cycle for recreation, you can expand your range with confidence. If you would like to bike with a much faster riding partner -- now you can! Headwinds, climbs or heavy loads will no longer be obstacles to your enjoyment of cycling.

But is it still a bike? (Isn't it cheating?)

Adding a motor doesn't mean sacrificing everything you love about riding a bicycle. The electric bicycles we carry are equipped with pedal-assist features, and can be ridden solely on human power when desired. And when assist is on, you’re still pedaling -- with a little help from a system that is designed to respond to the way you ride. E-bikes make it possible for some people to ride a bike in situations in which riding a standard bike would be impractical due to distance, terrain, heavy loads, young passengers, the rider's physical condition and other considerations.

How do I choose one?


Electric Bikes

Elegance electrified.


Electric Bikes

Affordable power-assist.


YUBA Cargo
Electric Bikes

Say bye-bye to your minivan!

The variety of electric bike brands on the market is staggering. We've taken some of the guesswork out of the process, and selected reliable, quality products from extremely reputable vendors. Here are some criteria we used for choosing the electric bikes we carry:

  • Sold by a US company, or well-established US distributor who will stand behind the product for replacement parts, technical support and warranty issues.
  • Equipped with quality electronics from reputable manufacturers
  • Thoughtful, functional design and aesthetics.
  • Will not exceed prudent cycling speed. All the e-bikes we carry go to about 20mph.
  • Bike models cover a range of prices. We sell e-bikes priced from $1650 to $4500
  • Bikes available for a variety of riding styles. Our e-bikes are available in traditional step-over, step-through, folding and cargo models.
  • Regardless of what the manufacturers may tell you, bikes are not shipped 100% assembled. All our e-bikes undergo a thorough assembly, set-up and testing by a professional mechanic, and come with follow-up service provided locally by our store.
  • Electric bikes we carry are available for test rides. Please call ahead to schedule. Model availability can vary.
  • We offer free delivery in the Chicagoland area with your electric bike purchase.

E-Bike Conversion System from BionX

BionX is the easiest and best way to electrify your existing bike. BionX e-bike systems attach easily to almost every size and style of bicycle to give you a boost of electric assist when and where you need it.  The BionX system is powerful enough that you will be able to tackle any hill or long distance with ease, yet light enough that your bike still feels like a bike.
You can install a BionX e-bike system on a bicycle you already ride and love.

We are an authorized reseller and installer of BionX systems. If you are interested in upgrading your bike to one of these premium power assist conversions, please call us or stop in for an estimate.