Why Brompton?

If you want an efficient and flexible urban bike, compact enough to fit in a smallest living space or under your office desk, portable enough to take on the train, or virtually any vacation, that never, ever needs to be locked outside, then you want a folding bike.
But, if you want --

  • lightning-fast

  • super-easy folding & unfolding

  • the most compact, secure & portable package available

  • comfortable, efficient & dignified ride

  • unsurpassed for multi-modal commuting, travel & compact storage

  • engineered & hand-crafted in England

-- then you want a Brompton.

Brompton Advantage

Reasons to own a Brompton

How It Works

Brompton Guide

But wait! Which Brompton?!

Great question! Though only one frame design is available, the choice of steering, gears, saddles, tires, and other options makes choosing the right Brompton a pretty tough decision. And did we mention COLORS?!

Since buying a Brompton is a considerable investment, many people prefer to customize, and set up their Brompton exactly the way they want. You can use the Brompton Builder on Brompton’s official site to configure the perfect bike and calculate the price. Once you have it exactly the way you want it, copy the Configuration Reference (CR#) generated, and contact us at 773-930-4076 to complete the order for you. Your custom Brompton will arrive at Cosmic Bikes in about eight weeks, and we will inspect, assemble and tune it up for you as part of your purchase.

If you'd rather not wait that long, and are less particular about specific colors and options, please check the selection of Bromptons available immediately from our showroom, or within a few days from a US warehouse.

But why Cosmic Bikes?

Because you will not find any shop in Chicago area with more experience setting up new Bromptons or servicing older ones. Our staff have helped hundreds of customers with their Brompton purchase, and we own Bromptons, love them, and ride the heck out of them. Click here for more information on:

  1. The advantages of buying your Brompton locally.

  2. Our expert assembly and 12-Point Checklist for every Brompton we sell

  3. FREE delivery & setup in the Chicago area with your new Brompton purchase.

If you're shopping with us from out of town, your Brompton will be fully tuned, adjusted and tested prior to shipping anywhere within contiguous US.