Welcome freedom lovers, adventure seekers, urban vagabonds!
Here you’ll find a bicycle to take you Downtown and out of town,
around your neighborhood or around the world,
a bike you can pack in a suitcase and take on a plane, for anywhere you want to go.

So come in, feel free.


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What our customers are saying:

“Extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable team that took the time to manage a busy store and answer all of the questions I had about the different models we looked at together. They were happy to chat and help educate me on what the differences were and help find me a great fit that I'm very happy with in no time. I walked in without a bike and walked out an extremely happy customer.”

“I really intended to just browse their selection and visit a few other shops.  It was their assortment of bikes, their friendliness, and the post-purchase services that convinced me to buy from Cosmic bikes.  These guys are great - I can't recommend them enough.”

“I love that Cosmic offers a year's worth of bike maintenance and service on new Bromptons. They have already done a fantastic job helping me service and solve minor practical issues as a new bike owner, and also do a great job of custom-ordering additional parts and accessories on my behalf. Cosmic Bikes is a fantastic, local bike shop in Chicago dedicated to building a biking community.”

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