Thorn Creek Trail to Three Floyds Ride 26 of 52


Date: July 21, 2017
Distance: 40 miles
Weather: Hot, around 90.
Highlights of the trip: spectacular water garden landscaping at Architectural Accents next door to Three Floyds.

Lots of people ride from Chicago to Munster, IN to visit the venerable Three Floyds brewery, and either cycle or take the train back to the city. We desided to come at it a slightly different way, via Thorn Creek Trail with starts in south suburban Chicago Heights. We learned that is you travel the length of the trail to Bromwell Woods in Lansing, you end up within a stone's thrown of Three Floyds.

The stone's throw turned out to be quite a hurdle, as at the end of the trail we were deposited on a decidedly bike-unfriendly Glenwood Lansing Rd, which features a rumble strip along the entire length of its fairly narrow shoulder. After a nerve-wrecking and bone-rattling journey of a couple miles, skirting a warehouse district and the edge of Lansing Airport, we came to a short off-street spur which delivered us directly to Three Floyds' doorstep.

The doorstep was crawling with other brewed beverage enthusiasts, and accommodations for waiting patrons were quite meager. We were directed to the sun-baked parking lot, where we crouched in the shade of a small bush. Out of boredom, I wandered around the backside of the hedge, and discovered paradise. If you don't believe me, take a look at these photos!

After refreshing ourselves with tasty food and a couple beers, we headed back, going a little out of our way over quiet neighborhood streets in order to avoid the nightmarish highway experience.