Urban & Commuting Bikes

With few exceptions, almost any type of bike can be successfully used for getting around the city, but bikes best suited to daily commuting generally give the rider a somewhat upright riding position, moderately thin but durable tires, and options for carrying loads on the bike. Our favorite urban bikes include models specifically designed for that purpose, as well as hybrid bikes, single-speeds, and certain types of road bikes. Folding bikes get their own page, as they are a phenomenal urban transportation option.

We endeavor to represent a wide selection of popular and niche categories in the store, however we cannot possibly stock all that our vendors offer. Many of their offerings are part of our regular store inventory, but we and the vendors do sometimes run out.

If you would like to purchase a bike that is not in our inventory, we are able to order risk-free any model that our vendors offer. Unlike internet vendors, we will help you with the selection and sizing, and include shipping, complete professional assembly, and a full year of maintenance with your bicycle purchase.

Some Awesome Urban Rides (...more options in the store)

Kona Dew Plus $699

  • Do-it-all bike that won't break the bank.
  • Nimble and fast, thanks to a lightweight aluminum frame, and strong wheelset.
  • Sure-stopping hydraulic disk brakes.
  • Upright and practical enough for urban hops, light and zippy enough for sweet weekend 50-milers.

Breezer Uptown EX Low-Step $459

  • Super-comfortable upright position, easy to get on and off even in a dress!
  • Fully functional rack, fenders and chainguard included
  • Sensible 7-speed drivetrain makes this a perfect neighborhood bike.
dew copy.jpg

Kona Dew $499

  • Super-dependable, reasonably priced urban commuter.
  • Relaxed frame geometry makes for a comfortable and secure ride.
  • Generous frame spacing and mounting eyelets for fenders, front and rear racks should you want to ride it out of town.
Proj8 copy.jpg

Del Sol D-Street Projekt 8 $380

  • Affordable urban ride, low on frills, high function and retro style.
  • Traditional steel frame with alloy double-walled wheels.
  • "Goldilocks" 8-speed drivetrain: just right for the city where the wind is always in your face.



Breezer Radar Expert $899

  • Full double-butted chromoly steel frame is stout, resillient and comfortable over long distances.
  • A workhorse for urban riding and for long-haul weekend trips.
  • Relaxed, comfortable riding position
  • Bonus: BRIGHT orange!
champ_5 copy.jpg

Fyxation Eastside $449

  • Full 4130 chromoly frame is responsive, resilient, durable and a pleasure to ride.
  • Aggressive geometry and single-speed drivetrain provide the ultimate in urban riding simplicity.
  • Five drop-dead-gorgeous color schemes.