Buying a bike

Over the years, we've definitely found some bikes we like, but we try not to get too hung up on brands and componentry. The kind of bike you ride does not make you a cyclist. It's the act of riding that does. Any bike, really, any bike can be used for city riding. We care little about the particular bikes, and a whole lot about what bikes do for our customers, and about what they can do for our communities.

 But there are different types of bikes, and before you buy one, take the time to honestly and thoroughly evaluate your cycling needs: the frequency and distance of your ride, the importance of comfort versus speed, potential savings over other transit options, other ways you may use the bike over time, items or passengers you might carry, maintenance costs, accessories, to name a few.

We are discriminating and deliberate in our choice of products, and you should be too. Ask lots of questions and expect straight answers. Buy a bike that suits your body and your riding needs. We're here to help you find what you need.

Our bike selection

Assembling an inventory of bikes is never a finished project. It is a process, constantly changing, balancing market offerings, vendor availability and customer demand. We endeavor to represent a wide selection of popular and niche categories in the store, however we cannot possibly stock all that our vendors offer. Many of their offerings will be part of our regular store inventory, but we and the vendors do sometimes run out.

Unlike an online store, we have limited storefront space. However, our real brick and mortar Chicago neighborhood store is staffed with caring and experienced staff, who perform the assembly, fitting, consulting and repair services that you can't get online.

When you have your heart set on something, call us to make sure we have it. If it's in the store, come in and test ride it to make sure it's exactly what you want. If not, we will be glad to either suggest alternatives, or special order the product for you, taking the risk and the guesswork out of the process for you.

Choosing a Bike

It's getting harder and harder to intelligently categorize bikes that are available today, and many bikes either cross categories or defy categorization altogether. A Brompton can be used for touring, a comfort cruiser for commuting, and what kids' bike isn't an adventure? So treat these headings with a grain of salt. And check out the ...Imagine category, where you'll find some bikes that we may not stock (yet!) but can get for you now or in the near future.

Urban & Commuting

Step-thru or not, drop bar or straight bar, geared or single-speed? We'll help you find the best option for getting around the city.


Adventure (coming soon!)

Some bikes are highly adaptable, and can turn any of your urban riding into an adventure, and make a worthy companion for when you really get away.


Unbeatable for use with transit, storing in small apartments or offices, and international travel. Bring it with you anywhere!

Family & Kids

From child-seats, balance bikes and tag-alongs, to that first small-human-powered vehicle, we'll help you make your child's riding safe and unforgettable.

Recreation (coming soon!)

Whether that means a fast paced ride on a trail, or a leisurely neighborhood outing with friends, the right bike will make the most of your down-time.


We love the potential of recumbents, trikes, fat bikes, cargo bikes, tandems, electric bikes, trailers!