Have you ever wanted to master basic bike repair skills to become more self-sufficient? Or have you been thinking about using your bike to get around the city, but you're not sure where to start? Throughout the year, we will be offering several FREE workshops designed to get you acquainted with the systems and mechanics of your bike, and to help you become a more confident rider. We hope you can join us!

Throughout the year, we'll be offering 2 FREE class series: Basic Maintenance and Biking Basics.Each series consists of four weekly workshops, which can be taken individually or together. The workshops will cover the following topics:

Basic Bike Maintenance Series:

  1. Bike Maintenance 01: Bike Safety Fundamentals
    This class will cover a basic bicycle safety check. We will go over basic home maintenance tasks and minor emergency repairs you can do on your own to ensure the proper and safe functioning of your bike. You will also learn to identify more complex problems that may require the assistance of a professional mechanic.
  2. Bike Maintenance 02: Flat Prevention & Repair
    In this workshop we go over everything you need to know to change a flat on a bicycle, including identifying and preventing common causes of flats, getting the wheel off your bike, removing and reinstalling the tube and tire, and assembling your basic repair kit. NOTE: This class will not cover tubeless systems; we will be focusing on standard bicycle tires with inner-tubes. We will have demo wheels and bikes on hand, but it is best to bring your own bicycle for this class.
  3. Bike Maintenance 03: Focus on Brakes
    This class will cover the basic principles of diagnosing brake noises and other brake issues, and the tools and skills needed to adjust them.
  4. Bike Maintenance 04: Drivetrain & Shifting
    This class will cover the maintenance of the drivetrain on a bicycle, and the tools and skills needed to perform basic gear adjustments.

Bike Basics Series

  1. Bike Basics 01: Bike Selection & Fit
    We will go over how to either choose the right bike, or work with the bike you already have to make it efficient, fun and comfortable, and to maximize it's utility as you get around the city.
  2. Bike Basics 02: Assembling Your Gear
    We'll help you figure out how to assemble a complete bike commuting package (including shoestring options) to turn your bike into an efficient and utilitarian vehicle.
  3. Bike Basics 03: Safety & Security
    This class will focus on equipment to enhance your safety and security, including lights, helmets and locks, and the correct way to use them to maximize their effectiveness.
  4. Bike Basics 04: Street Skills & Strategies
    We'll cover the rules of the road, and share our best strategies for habits, skills and route selection to help you ride your bike safely and confidently on the street.

The series will run on Wednesday nights on alternate months, as follows:

Jan 11-Feb 1 Basic Maintenance
Mar 8-Mar 29 Basic Maintenance
Apr 5-Apr 26 Bike Basics
May 3-May 24 Basic Maintenance
May 31-June 21 Bike Basics
Oct 4-Oct 25 Bike Basics: Winter Edition
Nov 11- Nov 29 (no class Nov 22) Basic Maintenance: Winter Edition

In July, August and September we'll offer more specialized intensive workshops on topics including Wheel Truing & Building, Tubeless Tires, Bike Touring etc. The Basic series will resume in the Fall as follows:

Registration for March workshops is NOW OPEN through Eventbrite. All the classes are FREE, but please reserve through the link below. Space is limited.