Why Folding Bike?

If you want an efficient and flexible urban bike, compact enough to fit in a smallest living space or under your office desk, portable enough to take on the train, or virtually any vacation, that never, ever needs to be locked outside, then you want a folding bike.

Why Brompton?

If you want lightning-fast, super-easy folding & unfolding, the most compact, secure & portable package available; comfortable, efficient & dignified ride; unsurpassed for multi-modal commuting, travel & compact storage; engineered & hand-crafted in England, then you want a Brompton.

But wait! Which Brompton?!

Great question! Though only one frame design is available, the choice of steering, gears, saddles, tires, and other options makes choosing the right Brompton a pretty tough decision. And did we mention COLORS?!
Since buying a Brompton is a considerable investment, many people prefer to customize, and set up their Brompton exactly the way they want. You can use the Brompton Builder to configure the perfect bike and calculate the price. Contact us with your configuration reference (CR#), and we will order you the Brompton of your dreams. This process typically takes about eight weeks.
If you don't wish to wait that long, please see below for in-stock models available immediately, or within about a week from the East Coast warehouse. 2016 Brompton models are still available at 15% off MSRP. Availability changes daily, so please call for most current information.