Adventure Bikes

Don't! Don't wait until you have kids out of school, enough time, enough money, enough anything to go on adventures. Adventures lurk inside the city, or just outside of it, and even a day, or an overnight, spent relishing the outdoors will make a difference in your week and in your outlook. We guarantee it!

A bike is a fabulous tool for adventuring. It will carry stuff. A lot of stuff. Waaaay more than you can carry on your back. If you don't want to use the car, a bicycle will greatly increase the options accessible to you from your back door. And if you do use a car (or train) a bike will carry you off the beaten path where you will find fresh air, the sound of birds, and ...solitude!

Some adventure bike options ( ...the sky is the limit!)

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and so do adventure bikes. Although some options are available off-the-shelf, don't let that limit your imagination. We will happily work with you to order or even customize the perfect set-up for the types of riding you envision.


Your Own Bike $0-$300 for upgrades & repairs

  • Very little initial investment, so you don't have to put off adventures while you wait for the perfect bike!
  • Chances are the bike already fits you!
  • Yes, it can! We have customers who have ridden to Milwaukee & back on bikes others would consider "clunkers". Pshaw!
  • Don't skimp on safety.

Fat Bike from $1300

  • Really get off the beaten path and ride anywhere: beach, singletrack, fire or ATV road, grass, man-eating puddles and gravel.
  • Ride anytime: fatbikes are unmatched for snow riding!
  • Unbelievably fun to ride.
  • Sold by special order from Kona, Framed, Advocate Cycles, Surly & SE Bikes. Demos and closeouts available in the store.
dew copy.jpg

Brompton, about $1500

  • Go-anywhere adventure enabler!
  • Fully integrated luggage, lighting and tool options available.
  • Ride out your back door, or seamlessly combine with bus or train to extend your adventuring range.
  • Great conversation-opener, so you can make friends wherever you go.

Go-Anywhere Road Bike from $1200

  • Take touring off the pavement!
  • Do-it-all bikes build around resilient and supple chromoly steel frames, unmatched by any other material for comfort and durability.
  • Highly customizable: choose disc brakes, tire width and handlebar style for your own riding preference.
  • Sold by special order from Kona, Fyxation, Advocate Cycles, Soma & Surly. Demos available in the store.



Kona Sutra $1399

  • Old-school, steel-frame, tour-ready bike right out of the box.
  • Brooks leather saddle, dual-rail rack, fenders and bar-end shifters are part of the package.
  • Great for spontaneous overnights or long self-supported tours.
  • Perfect multi-tasker: ride it to the office in the morning, ride off into the sunset after work!