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Discover what's possible on a bike! We carry bikes that will take you Downtown and out of town, around the neighborhood, and around the world. Bikes for where pavement ends and adventure begins, bikes you can pack in a suitcase and take on a plane, bikes for anywhere you want to go.
Let us help you find a bike that will fit your body and your lifestyle, delight you, offer you years of enjoyment, and help you realize your dreams of independent travel.

Chicago's Brompton Specialists

The ultimate in versatility and flexibility, Bromptons seamlessly interact with other modes of transport, and open travel, storage & security options unavailable to standard bikes. (More.)

Winter Bikes Services

Our full service menu includes Frozen Chosen, a package for those who depend on their bicycles for transportation in winter, and covers your bike through March31,  2018. Click here for info.

Quality Kids' & Family Bikes

Kids grasp from an early age the freedom and independence that comes from getting places on their own power. We offer quality kids' bikes from balance bikes through full-size. (More.)


Free Maintenance Classes

Through slower months of winter, we offer a variety of FREE maintenance classes. Gain confidence & self-sufficiency by working on your own bike. See current listings & sign up here.


Winter Hot Chocolate Rides

Short, sweet and family-friendly, these rides let you socialize and take in winter riding in small, bite-sized chunks. Join us for company, conversation and a chance to win cool bike-y things. (More.)


Specials & Closeouts

Remaining past-season inventory waiting to be put into good hands. Fine bicycles, but perhaps we just ordered a few too many of them. Head over to the SALE page to see what's still available.

Could a Brompton fit into your life?

We're a FULL-SERVICE Brompton resource!

We love Bromptons, and have been riding them for years! Whether you're buying a brand new custom Brompton, or need service, uprgrades and repair on an existing one, we'd be delighted to share our expertise with you. Find out more about our Brompton offerings here.

Brompton Recall
Brompton Bicycle has issued a voluntary recall on bottom brackets installed on Bromptons sold between 2014-2017. To check if your bike is affected by the recall, click here. For affected bikes, please call us at 773-930-4076 to schedule your FREE while-you-wait replacement service.

Cargo & Electric-Assist Options: Available now for purchase or pre-order. Come in for a test ride!


NEW! Copenhagen wheel
Electrify your existing bike. Call for more info.


Yuba Cargo Bikes
Full-size & compact cargo for passengers & big loads.


Faraday Electric bikes
Stylish & efficient way to get around town.


Blix Electric & Folding bikes
Full-size & folding eBike options at a great price.

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